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Bob Brown, and Brett Crawford, who are no strangers to the fishing tackle industry, and are known for new innovative product designs, formed TOUR STAR PRODUCTS in January 2011. Bob has been in the industry since 1983, and has worked for Daiwa Corporation, Mitchell Reels, and All Star Rods until it was sold in 2004. Bob has since been assisting American Rodsmiths Rods as a consultant until November 2010, where his innovations received several industry awards. Brett was the owner and innovator behind All Star Graphite Rods, America’s Finest Graphite Rods, until selling the company in 2004. Bob and Brett are back together now to bring the industry the latest Rod Grip designs, and give the fishermen the rod actions they know and love for freshwater, and light saltwater fishing.


Is to bring new and innovative products to anglers at a fair price. In today's economy, anglers need to be more frugal in their spending, and purchase rods, and grips with multiple functions. Our 2011 product line- up offers the latest in rod grip designs, and some new and innovative rod actions, with some rods that have "Stood the Test of time". It's no secret that All Star had some of the best rod actions ever made. The WR1 for example, was the finest Worm Rod ever designed; well you can bet your hat that we are bringing some of these actions back. Our "NEW" TOUR STAR WR1's are now 6'11" and probably the finest rod ever built. The past 28 years of listening to you the fisherman, has taught us what you want in a rod, and we are offering what we believe is the most versatile, and functional rod line up of any rod company. We believe you will find your next favorite rod in this offering, and always feel free to drop us a note if you have any questions about our rods or grips. We learn from our customers, and do our best to fill your needs.


TOUR STAR PRODUCTS in Association with WINN, Inc. is offering THE FIRST REPLACEABLE FISHING ROD Grips New DRY-TAC materials designed that performs as well in wet conditions as it does when dry. All TOUR STAR RODS will be equipped with the new DRY-TAC grips, and they will be offered to fishermen to upgrade their favorite rods with ease. These new grips allow anglers better feel, increased accuracy in casting, a better gripping surface for casting, and fighting fish. The new DRY-TAC grips are just plain more comfortable than conventional cork, and best of all stay tacky whether they are wet or dry. Wait until you fish all day in the rain, you will be amazed!

This web site was designed to assist you in finding your next fishing rod, and help you upgrade the ones you have now. We have spent many years developing new fishing products, and we feel this is our best offering yet.